Wednesday 10 April 2013

Fiddidy centy returns

Yesterday I doodled another lil' fiddidy centy comic. Nothin' special.. just fun.

A list (oh, such a manly thing t' do!)

Coming o ' age Books I read, and reread:

Sanshiro-Natsume Soseki.
This Side of Paradise - F. Scott Fitzgerald
 Ask The Dust- John Fante

And then...
Je t'aime; In the City of Sylvie -Dans la ville du sylvie (?) off the top o' me head...)

Oh Red Riding, What a trilogy of the finest in all o' british television... ho hummn.

pah... I find myself bored with this futile game, heh. Thats gonna be all for now then. Meantime, dont forget t' get your (not quite weekly) dose of FORMING.

and t' out heres some o' David Torn's fine sounds from  LARS AND THE REAL GIRL.

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