Tuesday 23 July 2013

Job hunting for angels

It goes on and on. and on and on. This will not help me.

so these comics are super fun to make... the a4 paper is folded and cut so as to make an eight page booklet... then I just doodle away a little story. been doing these for years, the eight page/panel makes for lovely lil self enclosed stories... I should write a whole novel like this (heh).  anyhow above's a before and after...

Holy shhettt.  have a listen...

"Tav Falco´s Panther Burns - Jungle Rock"

grand stuff. also go watch Jane Campions astounding t.v. show TOP OF THE LAKE while it's still on... Tense stuff.

Been digging lots o' Julia Wertz's old comics... over HERE, funny, like "ha ha. um"

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