Sunday 13 October 2013

Just be sure when they catch you it's not for some stupid shit your doppelganger did whilst you were on holiday

Three pages from the next issue of Nervous in a Cape... the first one is the introduction to a story and character... The next two are pages eight and ten from a tale under the working title "cough".  I'm hoping to have it all together by the end of the month. At the moment I'll probably just put it online, maybe print an edition of 10 or so for my own vanity, money being pretty scarce.

Click to read the previous issues... ISSUE 7 and ISSUE 7.5 

Boulet has a great New York comic on his blog... amongst many other swell comics.


And here's me in the rain this morning. For my sunday self portrait on ancient phone thing that I do. Neither my coat or shoes are waterproof.

This also happened whilst I was clearing out stuff.

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