Thursday 23 January 2014

Things I found in the discotheque, and meaningless thought about 12 years a slave

How'do... So the first of the images is from a lil story I drew yesterday on a bench at the southbank, with gradually freezing hands, feeling all 'romantic' or whatever... check it out over HERE

Then some sketchbook draws, and the final three are showing the process of me lil colouring trick, borrowed in part from Olivier Schrauwens method of printing and then re-layering on top of the Initial piece, though of course my work pales by comparison... theres a swell interview with mr schrauwen up HERE

Im still not quite certain what aesthetic I should be aiming for, but experimentations the name o' the game, eh!

I saw The Light Thief... a fantastic film from Kyrgyzstan, about a small town electrician, who steals energy for his poor townsfolk... Its beautiful and quiet, and packs a punch by the finale...HERE'S the whole film, alas without subtitle, but hey... go buy the dvd! 

I also saw twelve years a slave, and It was a fine film... I did however take slight issue at the structure of the piece... Being a series of vaguely connected events and moments, it all but left out any sense of time whatsoever, to the point where it felt it was more six months a slave.

I guess it let the title do the heavy lifting there...

Hmmn... Brad Pitts timely arrival in the last 20 mins or so, and his two scenes, the first showing what a good guy he is, and the second showing what a good guy he is, were almost laughable... Mcqueen has a fantastic aesthetic, of that theres no doubt, but the film is a long way off a classic status (as so many of the newspapers proclaim) in anything save its subject matter and fantastic performances by Fassbender, Ejifor and Dano.

Im sure it'll continue to ride the wave its on to much success.. but If you really want t' catch a special film from the past six months, check out the great beauty

time to out with...

TV on the Radio Mr.Grieves

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