Saturday 15 February 2014

Rambl'n nonesense, and sensible ambling

I felt like I owed the internet a blog post.

Just some rough scribblings on spare paper... I've been considering my drawing, and its shortcomings, how I use colour and texture to distract from the problems I have with certain aspects... Its pretty sad to be twenty-five and unable to draw trees for instance... long story short, Im attempting to work through it in my sketchbook... 

Did you ever think that Life was simple... and then it suddenly seemed a lot more complicated then anticipated, and then one day you woke up by the Swanee river naked, clutching a bag of salted liquorice... ho hummn.

Lots of great comics to read over here at Electro Comics

does he require lyrics to break your heart? non.

John Fahey- Sligo River Blues

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