Wednesday 23 April 2014

yawn etc

Hi, how are you... sorry I haven't posted in so long, its simply that I have nothing to show for the time. ce la vie. Above are two pages, which go nowhere, but I enjoyed drawing the first.

so theres that.

I just returned from the cinema, where I watched Calvery. a fine film, I enjoyed it immensely, though its hard to stomach at times, It asks many questions similar to the Great Beauty, but in a more "obvious" way-- Brendon Gleason is a priest (and one of only three sympathetic characters)... the constant stream of existential and religious queries headed in his direction are in the line of duty i suppose. blah de blah... sorry Id be more eloquent if I were to just talk ... typings dull stuff... Maybe I should cast a really shitty podcast eh!


this is great 

Hailu Mergia - Hari Meru Meru

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