Wednesday 22 April 2015

Home from home, and other tree houses I spend my days in

So, this is something that I'm working on. The next wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overdue issue of my petite offering to the world.  I figure It'll be done in a month or so, but who's t' say...  I'm always promising that I'll get to work, and then never moving anywhere near the right direction. But heck, its fun to dream anyhow.

trying to think of a subtitle for this one... maybe 'astronautically challenged' ll do.. Its gonna be mostly the tale of an astronaut, I'm reworking that ol 28 pager i put up a few weeks back on tumblr so it'll look more like this:
also gonna have some of my daily strips in... with added texture. But still, alas, yawnworthy.

Anyway, the real reason I'm even posting right now is because a few days ago I went to see this film. which I had damn high hopes for. which exceeded all those presuppositions I'd dwelled upon. in short the film was pretty damn perfect. go watch it, really. 

So its four hours (with an interval) and 99 percent black and white. and German.. yeah, its arthouse. Go watch. In content t'is just the stuff of life, with a splash of magic thrown in..  funny, sad and poignent,  this film made my flipping week.  I haven't seen the heimat television show (of which this is a prequel) but if I can find the thing (1980's german tv..?!). Edgar Reitz's life project is well worth the time methinks. heck, Werner Herzog even pops up near the end (as he's so wont to do these days..)



Nakadai said...

Great works, its so inspirational to me.

Nervousinacape said...

Hey, thanks for the kind words!