Saturday 13 June 2015

solid and unrewarding, like a chunk o' fools gold

So, I found a bunch of abandoned drawings last week, and remembered I'd coloured one of them... this is a page from a story I got bored with or ran out of ideas for or something... I think I only made it to page 7 or so... 

Its funny, in many ways this may well be some o' the most "solid" cartooning I've ever done, but its also the most stilted, and ultimately was quite a dull unfufilling drawing experience. I prefer to work stream o' conscious like... without predrawings or penciling (unless its a pencil comic) Shit, apparently "real comics" are like this to draw...damn... 

Anyhow its just not much of a fun way to spend the spare hours in my day. I want to draw comics, but its not my job, so it has to have some joy to it, because I'm not young enough to be all "ambitious"... any energy I have wont carry things very far if theres no good feeling there.. 

Things like the sketchbook comics I put up last week, I had so much pleasure, just letting my mind and hand wander across the page,  and yeah, the lines are a messed (and poorly drawn) in places and the words sure are a tad corny, but damn... it was a pleasure...ho hummn,

so, theres a rambling saturday morning post. 

Tom Waits - You Can Never Hold Back Spring

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