Wednesday 16 December 2015

in which a young(ish) fellow journeys across the galaxy in search of new language.

Amongst other pages.
Barcelona in the autumn.

comics, drawn and undrawn. I feel my hands are become clumsier and clumsier, nothing consistant, only those ol' heartbeats. Life drawing classes are a little too pricy for my coin purse at the moment, but thats the plan

And in January I'll begin to continue. Life et al.

I read some kind reviews of my comic Swear Jar, thankfully focusing more on the sentiments I attempt to impart then on my third rate draughtsmanship. I finished the next issue of nervous in a cape back in june but once again my financial restraints et al... anyhow its in astounding digital form over here

pep and vim 

New Order - Age Of Consent

and three nice films for your consideration

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