Saturday 18 June 2016

It will take a long time to work this through. see you in some years, or just hit fast forward mon ami,

page. learning to draw.
it takes a long time.
and, still learning.
without flow. but with rhythm, thank you grid.

Magic Sam & Shakey Jake - Magic Touch/Live At Sylvio's 1968


Anonymous said...

This is amazing!
Would like to see it in real life....

Nervousinacape said...

Thanks, In real life it looks pretty much the same.. its a4, t' only editing was t' change the levels (to make the blacks blacker and the white cleaner)

Anonymous said...

The title makes me think of EU and Brexit now... wish we could rewind.

Nervousinacape said...

Jah. well, we shall have to see the exact repercussions of Brexit, but certainly for my privileged circle o' middle class amigos, it's a bummer, and a con to boot. Still lets see how the new prime minister acts, eh.

Gabriele Lampis said...

That's beautiful, madame