Tuesday 30 July 2019


There are other objects to be drawn, but I get lazy, and I had to go to work probably.

ho hummmnn.

Working. Cycling around Barcelona under the summer sun is draining. But when you've climbed high up the hills and/or mountains, you do get some views indeed. For my birthday she gave me this a5 moleskin sketchbook. its nice, I've been trying to fill it diligently. I am always trying. 

I've been reading, ma left a copy of 'the buried giant' by Ishiguro. I found it perfect. Also Caroline sent 'Oreo' by Fran Rose.. that's a damn special book. I'd recommend them both. 

It'd be fun to reread all of Dikto's spiderman run. I loved those comics. bought the b&w collections as a teenager (but hot dang, in colour they're even better!). I don't think I still have any of them... I read that they're gonna reprint his mr A comics against his last wishes. Mixed feelings ensue.

Films. don't go see 'Searching for Ingmar Bergman'. It was really bad. Instead why not read James Baldwins assessment of the great director (the essay's called 'The Northern Protestant', in the collection  'nobody knows my name') HEY, HERE IT IS ONLINE.

I've linked before, and I'll link again.

Beat Happening "Cast A Shadow" (live at I.P.U)

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