Friday 17 August 2012

Blah de Blah

Perhaps... or perhaps t'is just confusion.

anyhow... just t' keep you updated... been working too much of late week, but have to earn money somehow I guess, and at least it leaves me with mornings free to draw... this fellow's known as Nocturnal Pascal, and he's the hero of another time and place. took a walk to the river on wednesday... and worked out the story... then sat down to draw, and... booom! no joy... nothing doing.

Sometimes this impotence really frightens me, my fickle drawing skills coming and going as they please, all to oft leaving me in the lurch. Consistency is the real problem... I want to tell long, still, petite epic narratives. But the drawing fades a few pages in... I am slowly improving, but am also realising that there really is no easy way out... I am simply going to have to get better if I want to get where I want to be.

I recall an interview with one of Marvel's writers from the 60's... (I cant alas, remember his name)  he mentioned how he never wanted to be a writer... he wanted to be an artist, but he just couldn't produce the page rate... and so fell into writing, where he was involved and content. But the story seems pretty heartbreaking (in a minor way... so lets say heart cracking instead) to me. I'm not on a salary, no one is paying me to work with comics, so in a way im blessed that I wouldnt have to make the same kind of choice. then I remember. No one is paying me to make comics. Dang.

Such a two edged sword. nheh. 

Its fortunate that theres no money in the kind of comics I wanna make. ho humm.

anyhow... If you haven't seen Searching for Sugarman you're missing out on a beautiful thing... 

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