Wednesday 22 August 2012

I'm a Train

A'llo folks... Just attempting to post regularly for a wee while... though don't expect it t' last too long, it's not the first time abes attempted such a challenge...

Anyway, above is a page for the cycling story mentioned a few posts back... Not too sure bout the art, so it'll probably look different again when next I post... I just done got no staying power... read through Bretch Evens's 'The Making Of', for sure one of the most elegant comics I've ever read... That fellow can draw (paint) beautifully. Oh, and the story isn't too bad either. 

Left me with a kind of hope-enfused rage... How can someone get to be as good as say, Bretch Evens or Frederic Peeters, Adrian Tomine or Craig Thompson? At what they do... they're top of the game...and looking at the ages their early work stems from... they've been at the top from extremely young ages... 

Personally I like Adrien Tomine's view... that waiting for "success" is not necessarily a bad thing. F. Scott Fitzgerald also wrote a lovely essay on fame and success, and how its arrival, too early or late, can cripple an individual (this can be read in 'the crack up').

blah de blah.

This is not really what I should be thinking about now. Just to keep on working, and when its there, (if ever) then it'll be there.

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