Tuesday 26 February 2013

Shameless plug

Well, yes siree, sent of Nervous in a Cape issue 7 t' be printed... hoping it should arrive before the weekend! whoop! anyhow... here are the predictable, and predictably shameless, plugs!

Im'na be putting em out at the usual comic shops hopefully (if they'll take it!) otherwise, just yell!

Hmmn, HERES s a fun little project... poloroids of cartoonists! some o' the greats... and load's of them have scribbled ontop of em... pretty cool huh?!

hey, this is amazing.. heres Molly Drake (Nick Drakes ma), great similarities in their breathy singing... beautiful- "HAPPINESS"

haunting, melancholy... even in this song about happiness...  It puts me in mind of Sibyll Baier

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Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to my copy, tell spiderman he'll have to wait.