Tuesday 24 September 2013

SAYONARA- Japanese for 'goodbye'; however, it carries more finality. Instead of being used at the end of a day, as in "Goodbye see you tomorrow," it would be used in situations where you will either not see the person for a long time, if ever again.

I drew these pages this evening,  I think some  extra story may need t' be added, then I guess I might submit it in time for friday's deadline on the cape graphic short story prize... It wont be a winner, but it's good to send stuff out on occasions.

These past days I've been pretty down. A very good friend left ol' England's shores oh so suddenly, I'm not usually one for all too many emotions (being a reserved and repressed type chap) but I found this all pretty hard to swallow. It'll all be fine soon enough, and today was a nice enough time, but still.. ol' London's a smaller and colder town without her in it... 

I guess in a few days I'll be right as rain again, Life picks you up as it will, when it will. I keep my smile in my pocket.

I scribbled quite a few embarrassingly sentimental draws (of which I wont bore you with too many!), and a couple of more light hearted draws, can you guess which are which?

Anyhow, Anouk Ricard draws Beautiful, sweet funny comics... I bought her first Anna & Froga book twice (and gave away both) Im excited to read the next one

I think my belgian amigo Shamisa's book is released soon! I just need to learn French/ Flemish till she gets the English version out!

Meanwhile Listening to Dylan always gets me in that place. Y'know the one... 

One too many mornings - Bob Dylan

Peace, Love and Hi-5's.

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