Tuesday 10 September 2013

I flew 17 hours to get out here, but it turns out 'here' was just another word for 'there'

A page I drew today in between applying for jobs and trying t' get meself on the o'l dole. I would sigh, but I went to brick lane and got me a dozen fine bagels, so life is pretty darn good.

I'm thinking of using this story for the Jonathan Cape prize thingy, but we'll see... I've lost the words and plans, all I'm left with is the drawing... ho hummn.

just reminded myself why Jillian Tamaki is the best over at SUPER MUTANT MAGIC ACADEMY


This is only for the brave of heart

but this is just great...

5-10-15-20 - Link Wray

and um. thats about all for now. so long mary,  ciao anne.

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