Sunday 11 May 2014

negative thinking on comics

Why would one draw comics?

Does one consider the brief and rare flickers of joy worth all the of frustration? is it justifiable to spend such large periods of time staring at a sheet of paper thinking nothing at all, until some thought of no consequence appears. If something you love is putting you in a very real state of misery and negativity, should you leave it behind? 

Is it even possible?

Fuck it, draw some comics, because it doesn't matter if you cant draw a convincing hand, just draw a hand. If you have something to say just say it, right? 

But if you don't have anything to say, why would you speak? and if you don't know the right words, how can you argue convincingly.  Do you ever draw for others... are comics really the cheapest form of therapy? I don't think they help me much at all... writing things down doesn't alway help one process anything. Comics make me happy sad, angry and bitter.

not everyone is able to reach the point they hope to, my goals are mediocre, and my inability to attain them leaves a taste in my mouth. Plus I live too much in my head, and I'm open to negativity at the best of times. 

just thoughts, nothing else.

anyhow this is a good album, specially tracks 1, 6 and 11



Nakadai said...

Ifeel like that too.
Just i dont have a comic strip or someting.

And, i want to ask you, you draw you strip, then scan, and later ad color digital?

Your comics are great.

Greating from mexico. my english is bad.

Nervousinacape said...

Yup its a rubbish feeling, eh..

Indeed, I draw mostly in sketchbooks, then add colour in photoshop, because watercolour is an impossible art.

Anyhow, your english is a far better then my Spanish!