Thursday 9 July 2015

A brief up date on the down low

A few years ago I could draw all night, through the next day, and into the distance... these days I nod off around 11.30pm... I guess I'm an old man.. Apparently I age a little every day, but I think it happens once a week, I'll age seven days or so. 

I figured I hadn't posted in a little while, so  heres the low down



Recently I've been rereading all James Kochalka's American elf strip (in physical, bookish form... it works better on mass when one isn't looking at a screen).. Fuck I love these comics... they meant a lot to me, and now peppered with nostalgia for the "me" I was when I read them, and a weird nostalgia for someone else's life... because diary comics do that, when you read everyday... Its a powerful connection.. 

Im enjoying this Melissa Mendes Comic, though "enjoy" isn't quite the right word

I found an amazing album on monday at the bookstore, heres my favourite piece..

Art Tatum - The Man I Love

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