Tuesday 8 September 2015

Last week was a good time to be a rainbow hunter, remember your helmet, cap.

So this is a true story, about a person from outer space.

well they landed here on earth, stayed for a spell, and cast a few.

But then one day left for jupiter... and oh boy there was all of a sudden (                )    

a space.

..but heck, on jupiter they have email, so writing happened from time to time, to time.

..these days they live on the moon, so I figured I'd head out on my ol rocket ship, with my sketchbook in my bag and my beard shaven off, and say "hi, hows tricks?", and take a few months to try learn some kind of lunar language,  which I'd always figured I should learn anyhow.

So tomorrow I'll fly, and maybe not be posting for a little while, no scanners on the moon at the moment.

Yo La Tengo - "Deeper Into Movies"

plus It reminded me how much I love

                    Today is the Day

and on that fair note, so long mary, anne.


Anonymous said...

I must say, that garden looks magnificent! Lovely drawing, I mean. CK
Why am I so small on the strip?!?! R

Linda said...

You are very talented, I love your drawings.

Nervousinacape said...

gracias folks...I have a lil smile now...

and R, well I guess i forget that she's not only petite eh!

Unknown said...

Love both drawings, and how they connect and not just by inhabiting the same page. Wonderful stuff Mr C. Ithink you're too hard on yourself re: your draughtmanship. Personally, I think it's wonderful, please don't feel it has to improve, it's bound to because of the amount of drawing you do, and if it has to, then only because you need it to(but it's going to anyway, so don't worry)

Keep up the wonderful drawing(and writing)

Nervousinacape said...

merci beaucoup! yep one line after the other!