Friday 21 December 2012

Climbing on up

Howdy folks, hope life's treating y'all as well as it does abe! The last few weeks have had a few ups and downs, but the overall direction is upwards bound...(for a more in-depth look at my mundane and mild existence check out abes daily comics blog).

So, above are two versions of a cover, to be made for.... well... Abe and his belgian amiga Shamisa are in the process of setting up a petite micro-press publisher! There will be more info in the near future... but t'is most assuredly an exciting time... We shall focus on putting out a few small (12 pagers in b&W) comics, and just see how it goes... working on a wordpress for it, and setting up an online shop etc. But I've blathered on enough... expect more details in Jan!

So the cover will be in B&W but for now, just thought I'd put up two versions of it, on the left digitally coloured, and the right is hand coloured. For this piece I'm probably gonna stick with t' digital version, but shall have t' see!

Not gonna put up any pages, but heres a panel from the piece Im working on with my Finnish friend Chris, as mentioned last time... Poetry interpreted! Going well, but Im having so much fun with this piece that I havent drawn for my longer story for a week and a half! Yikes... but interpreting and drawing someone else's words is a liberating (and confining) experience after years of focusing on my own stories et al (and going nowhere fast! ah ha!)


Been listening t' this album by Iron & Wine of late. (nice third track)

And, Think I posted this before, but remains one o' my favorite webcomics about angsty teen life, love et al! supermutantmagicacademy

And Lastly... The grand Bill Hicks telling it like it is .

Peace out!

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