Saturday 1 December 2012

Tentative Issue 7

Greetings folks, Hope y'all are well... Abe stayed up late experimenting with various colouring techniques... and found some he liked... Highly influenced by Ollie Schrauwen's methods, where one works using partly printed, then redrawn images, t' add a grand layering effect... I'm a big fan of his work... 

Anyhow, above is the tentative cover (ie Abe's happy with it, but may be subject to later dislike and subsequent change) for nervous in a cape issue no. 7! 

It should be ready by early January, be around 50-55 pages (90% already done, just needing to watercolour 15 pages or so), B&W inside this time tho'... colours way too expensive, especially if folks wont buy the darned things! I had 85 copies of issue 6  (of which around 25 remain--future sales, right?!?)

Anyhow, Im gonna prove ye with some links, as I have nothing else to say at t' moment!

Heres me o'l buddy Chris's eclectic Blog, rambling's, thoughts, and imaginings... grand poetry also!

I love Noah Van Sciver! not in the Je t'aime... more in the "Swoon" he and Joseph Remnant (another flipping awesome! cartoonist) are serialising their new works here.

Really Looking forward to this book, Never met her officially  but she was an intern at London Print Studio the year before wee abe, and her art is flipping lovely! (kinda David B' esk, but with more watercolour!)

And lastly, for your Musical pleasure... TV on the Radio- "Wrong Way"... this isnt the best recording of a great song, but love the video, at 0.46 onwards.. they're REALLY rocking out!

Love et al!

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