Thursday 13 December 2012

Cold up North

How'do folks... Abes been away for a little while vist'n folks up north... And boy oh boy, twas cold...

Not much drawing to show for my time... but heres one page I kinda like... mayhap's shall be continued shortly as part of an eight-pager comic for a certain supercool comics project abe and his Belgian amigo Shamisa are working on... 'nuff said for now, but more to come later.

Anyhow... check out this lovely interview with the incredibly funny Tasmanian cartoonist Simon Hanselmann, The podcasts over HERE.

James Kochalka's gonna be quitting his great diary strip American Elf... After some 14 years... I discovered in 2007 and have been reading ever since...  it makes abe kinda sad, but happy that I could read for so long, day after day... catch all 14 years over HERE.

Im a working on a few comics to put together for good o'l Finnish Chris, Illustrating and interpreting his poems et al... Its a pleasant experience working together to build summut new... Not gonna put anything up for now tho' heh...

And lastly... with the larger project..
So yup... Abe changed his mind AGAIN... this is a much clearer read... and nicer to look at... so... alla the pages will eventually look more like this....heh. 

Here's a piece o music that I've been A hearing pop up on this american life for years...just love the opening...

Onward and upwards folks!

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