Sunday 3 February 2013

A Promised Update

So, as promised in the morning time... here's a wee update on the ol' comics front...

The page above is from the project I'm a working on with me amigo Finnish Chris... hit page 22 today.. and tho' I'm a lagging way behind me initial schedule t'is going well and stuff... boy oh boy, I've learnt a hell o' a lot about comics during the process of the drawing..

And the page below is friday's page from the main piece I'm drawing at the moment... the plan is t' serialise it in Nervous in a Cape (starting at issue 7) and possibly online... either a chapter at a time, or a few pages a week... hmmn... I like the idea of taking a few months and doing the chapter thing, because then you can edit it before putting it out... but then having to put stuff up regularly, forces one to work... and sometimes I do need forcing, as I have a tendancy to procrastinate etc... anyhow... so t'is coming... 
Abe's also working on a few other shorts... and of course theres the exciting micro publishing joint... just a matter of collecting  other folks works and sending off t' printers...maybe gonna be a late feb thing... 

I Just spent a few hours rejigging one o' my songs that a fella I know (and one of the hippest cat's in ol' london town) asked to use for summut or other, ho hmmm... re working an old recording was challenging but fun...Oh... you didn't know? Abe does really bad faux naive, antifolk music. really. two albums t' check out if you want a laugh HERE

Anyhow... for those who want t' hear something genuinely special here's Robbie Basho - "Blue Crystal Fire"

Also... forgot t' link a few weeks back when I mentioned how much I love Ander's Nilsen's comics... here's a pretty great one from his blog .

Peace out and stuff. um.

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