Sunday 24 February 2013

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Oh boy, what struck me most this week is how comics are so predominantly a self taught medium... Unless you live in like Vermont, Miami, Belgium or France...(though there are  a few online course) chances are we hav'ta learn  all by ourselves, but thanks to the internet, well It's really not as hard as all that to gather a reasonable curriculam (gah! well aware that Im sounding more then a wee bit pretentious, but Im'na continue anyway!)

There's a few sites with a great collection of podcast's of interviews and discussions with all kind's of comic artists... see INKSTUDS, and TCJ TALKIES... and while talking about the COMICS JOURNAL, its just ful o' reviews and articles on all aspects of the craft...

Then, well, one can just type in the name of pretty much any artist into google, and up pop thousands of scraps of info.. and maybe if your real lucky, a website with a blog (blogs are particularly insightful into an artists process, as they allow you t' track the progress of process of the artist see HERE for instance, humble beginnings to published alt' comics go getter)

Web comics are everywhere! you just need t' filter thru the "ahem" crap, because... well there are so so many... but there are some great sites acting as online publishers, and they all have a house preferences, so you know what your getting,,, Im a big fan o' STUDY GROUP and WHAT THINGS DO....

And, man! Its great to be able to keep track of all the little publishers online, most of em filled with news about the comics community  and the artists they work with et al, dig RETROFITS page...

anyhow, thats all the formal part of an education... the next thing is literally to make the work right?!! well thats where Im at now... and realising that no one can teach you 'how to draw'... we just got'ta draw and draw... occasional tips on things like composition are great, and theres no shortage of life drawing classes for technical craft...In London I'd reccomend the PRINCES DRAWING SCHOOL most of all! hav'nt been there for a few years, but used to go regularly, while I was at university... y'know cause they emphatically refuse to teach drawing at modern art schools. 

Comics are similar to film... but not the Talkies, the Movies, A visual medium for telling a story... and pacing is the most important part o' telling a story (empty and otherwise) is time in the comics, and...  blah de blah! 

Boom, wore meself out with this sunday morn rant... too many o' those heavy ol links! heh

Been listening to the sound o' Darlin' (the short-lived first effort of three fellas who went on t' big things!) but HERES their EP, great, daft, punk 

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