Wednesday 6 February 2013


"How 'do folks. Are you collecting pre-booked tickets or..."

Oh, the joy of the concierge .. but I dont work no more. heh. well for a lil bit anyhow. Just driving on empty. What savings be for yo!

Anyway... just finished colouring this page  (number 24) about ten minutes ago... figured I'd put it up on the ol' blog. I dunno, might run this first chapter to 26 pages... the story's also gonna have a few lil background strips like this...

A mix o' styles and approaches in an attempt to give a rounded sense of place, if not of story.

Man, just stumbled across the blog of this great Argentinean comics artist PABLO HOLMBERG... He has a really cool looking book, published by Drawn & Quarterly...HERE'S the preview 

So.. thats about it for the moment... meanwhile take a listen to Mr Lennon's acoustic - "LOOK AT ME"

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