Saturday 16 February 2013

Jessie Mae

I checked out performance anxiety... I dunno, maybe I can use it as the excuse for never "getting out there"... heh... just another page for the next issue of nervous in a cape.

I just love Guy Delisle's books, read Pyongyang a few years back, took me a while to get into it... but then was given Burma chronicles in november, rushed off n' bought Jerusalem immediately... both brilliant... explorations of a foreign culture from the perspective of the stay at home dad... rare, and pretty great... it means he doesn't get preachy or "go looking".... he just presents his daily (but not always so mundane) experiances living in these locations... great stuff... looking forward t' his new book coming out this year... check out his blog (most in french alas, but hey... cool anyhow!) HERE

OH BOY! Jessie May Hemphill, a blues playing electric guitar strumming pioneer! born in the 1920's but not really recorded t'ill the mid 70's, but hey, I'm just glad to hear her! Ignore the strange video, the song's where its at!     

peace out yo!

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