Sunday 10 February 2013

time has told me

Drawn today, after a frustrating morning of failed starts and restarts...

I finished drawing one story, and started trying to word it all up on friday... but no joy... my mind fails me... simple storys like the one above, really an over glorified whine, seem what i do best, but hey... no one said drawing comics'd be easy (actually I dont recall anyone saying much about comics t' me at all!)

anyhow... cant believe it took me so long to stumble across THIS, an awesome online presence for some of my favorite cartoonists! whoop, great stuff up there...

And the comics journal put up an article by Eddie Campbell, another nice look at the comics/literature debate... endless... but a real nice piece of writing anyway... HERE IT IS

And, as tis a somewhat melancholic sunday here in london town... heres a lovely, but wistful tune by the tragic Nick Drake- "Time has told me"

t'ill the next time folks

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