Thursday 24 January 2013

Concrete Blonde

Great scott! Just realising I havent posted in a good few days... and after alla me promising too!

So heres page 13, one half of a double page spread (are pages 12 and 13 too early in to use the double page?!) heh. so... yup, tis all going well... just a bit of annoyance with the ol' scanner, meaning I'm not getting quite the same quality o' scan for each of the pages, but thats just summut to work through... doesnt matter tooo much, just gonna be a case of rescanning all the pages at the same time... ho humm.

Anyhow,  not got too much news this week, caught Django Unchained on monday, and yup... I liked it... not quite as strong as Inglourious Basterds, but a fun Southern (Western) to be taken at face value (as in, a Tarantinoesque face value). I agree with folks that t'was a wee predictable, but then revenge westerns pretty much always are... And if a film belongs to as obvious a genre as a western... well, how many surprises does one really expect. Blah de blah...Anyhow Christopher Waltz pretty much makes the film!

Oh boy oh boy, I love the cartoonist Jason's works... you should too... After a few years of digging his work Abe finally got round t' searching out his web presence... HERE

 But for now, I'll take my leave... heres a shot o' pure 80's tat... but dang great if one happens t' be in the right mood... Concrete Blonde - "I Want You"

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