Sunday 20 January 2013

Sunday Morning Doodle, Soseki

Allo, just another wee sunday morning drawing o' one of abe's favorite authors... hmm just something Im'na try for a few weeks.  (just so's you know, twas drawn a bit smaller then the image you see before ye)

This time t'is Natsume Soseki... If you dig the writing of Fitzgerald or Murakami then rest assured Soseki is the writer for you... I started with the collection of his serialized story "I am a cat", a brilliant study of middle aged, middle class intellectual life in a19th/early 20th century Japanese household, from the perspective of a wonderfully entitled and ego-centric cat...

My favorite work of his is the coming of age tale 'Sanshiro' which I read at just the right time  (I was around 21, which as I recall was the same age as the protagonist) and It left a lasting impression... All of Soseki's novels have an undercurrent of the vaugue melancholic nature of a reserved existence, but Sanshiro is also full of comedy and catches the romantic aspirations of young men perfectly. I Identified. heh..

Sanshiro sits alongside 'This side of paradise' (Fitzgerald's first novel), and 'Ask the dust' (by John Fante) as Abes favorite coming of age tales. And I do like a good coming of age tale.

anyhow... nuff waffling for now... I ll post later with an update on how the comic redraw's a comin'.

let's out with some Leonard Cohen yo!  "so long marianne"

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