Sunday 13 January 2013


 Sometimes I get sick of the look on peoples faces when they see my loosely scribbled comics and assume that I cant "draw"

Well, it's not photorealism or anything (and quickly coloured on photoshop), but... y'know... I just draw in pen without pre drawings or underdrawings... If i make mistakes (and there are many here!) I just have to go with them. 

Otherwise I'd just take a photo. 

My drawing style is just that. A style... I want to tell stories in pictures. not just draw portraits. folks should accept that, and read the comics as stories, cause Alex Ross I a'int!

Anyhow. rant over. heh... dig Ali Farka Toure. this is abe's most favorite piece by the bluesman "N'jarou"

Oh, and fo' all the ol webcomics needs, by many awesome talents check oot studygroupcomics

Right on folks.

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