Sunday 6 January 2013

Keep on a' drawing, Mr Waits

Okay.. so I know I always say I'm not gonna put up much from the poetry comic I'm a'working on with my finnish amigo Chris  but... gosh darn! I'm really happy with how it's looking, and  I want t' share that... ho humm, so here's part of a panel abe just finished colouring. I think it's gonna be a real swinging lil book when we're done with it, and Im highly enjoying the process... using someone else's words free's up abe's wee mind to just... well, draw.

 And also... here's a little strip I made yesterday morn, just a quick, fun thing... who knows, maybe I'll shove a load o' gag strips into the next issue o' Nervous in a cape (which may be slightly delayed! ha, working on a few projects is fun... but means the outcome's'll all be slightly later then planned)
anyhow... Joe Decie's comics just get prettier and prettier, that fellow can draw!

Abe was Interning last year alongside the ever wonderful Merlin Evens... not only is she a grand drawer, but a grand person also! check out her new years post over HERE

also dig a lil' teen tale from Box Brown HERE

And to out our petite post... Tom Wait's Eggs & Sausage 

Back to the scribblin' I go yo!

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