Wednesday 30 January 2013

How'do & nostalgia

How'do folks... Here's todays page, also the first I've done this week... been awful busy getting stuff together, rather then creating new draws...

Yesterday I spent about 10 hours going thru boxes and bags, kept under the stairs, boxes full of sketchbooks and papers, all my remaining childhood toys, and a great many memories... In the end I wound up taking about 12 bags full of paperstuffs t' the recycling bins on the side of the park behind my house... the last two bags were filled to bursting with what constituted my degree.... all assessments and  dissertation, essays, research, lecture notes, scribblin's and timetables etc... 

I felt a sense of relief. 

All these things we only look at when we throw away, briefly stirring a huge weight of emotion for the past... oh sweet nostalgia! It struck me hard when I came across a term timetable (I think t'was from my second year) upon which was a scribbled caricature of the head of the course, drawn as she spoke, and a scrawled dialogue I had with a gal' named Zeynep, who was sitting beside me.

But.... I didn't forget these things... and memory can be triggered in so many more ways then a piece o' paper that connects me directly to that moment. Photographs do the same, an immediate line from the present to a moment... but it seems t' me that meandering reminisces that come unexpectedly might count for so much more.

Gah, caught me wafflin' away....Im reading Norwegian Wood right now. which might explain somewhat, or not. Anyhow thats enough for now... heres some links for ye...

Dig the next chapeter's of Joseph Remnant & Noah Von Scivers tales HERE

I think this might well be my favorite episode of This American Life, 24 Hours spent recording peoples lives and tales at the Golden Apple in Chicago. Well worth a listen... catch it HERE

And I I'll leave you with Nico - "THESE DAY'S"

Also urgent update!!! the Ink Panther's are back on the air!!!

these two are truly the guys to listen to while inking!

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