Thursday 10 January 2013

Redraws. um.

Back on the redrawing front for the longer story... shucks... it took getting to page 78 before Abe realised just why it wasn't working... But t'is all good. Thats just gonna count as the first draft. There are many petite plot alterations and rephrasing's to be made; one biggie... the solo astronaught is no longer solo (at least not at the beginning), Dialogue instead of monologue. 

There's a really nice article comparing Aidan Koch's comics with Sergio Toppi's over at the comics journal

Ther's a few interviews with Dylan Horrocks around...a truly interested and interesting fellow...Listened t this last night over at INKSTUDS.

And lend your ear to Softcell's version o' a Supreme's Classic - "WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO"

Until the near future!

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