Wednesday 16 January 2013

Keepin' drawin, keepin postin!

Another page, again words t' be added later (tho' they have been jotted down at least!)

Just finished page four, and I'm pretty happy with the way t'is looking, hope to get another page and a half down tonight... Now that I'm blogging regularly not so much t' say (not that there was ever much, eh,) 


Really been digging CHULAHOMA, the Black Keys album o' the Junior Kimbrough songbook this week... really great "Blue Rock"!

Joseph Lambert is an Incredible Cartoonist, Read so many great things about his book "Annie Sullivan & The trials of Helen Keller" but havnt seen it in any o' the comic shops on this side of t' pond Boo! Gonna have t' buy online if it doesnt appear soon! In the meantime, HERE'S some o his comics online... Particularly liking 'the double'. it's a keeper! 


Anonymous said...

Both of these look really cool with the blank bubbles - they turn into characters, sort of... not thsat you shouldn't write stuff in them, just trying to imagine what it would be to be as good as the blank ones... no pressure!

Nervousinacape said...

Yup... a challenge indeed! lyrical vs humorous is the main one Im having now, then... exactly what is it that I want to say, and how sparse I can keep it all (too much text might halt a smooth reading of images...)

ho humm...