Sunday 20 January 2013

Scribblin's and updatings

Right, so as promised... Heres a petite update... 

I just put the finishing touches to page nine (which you see here), still enjoying the drawing process et al, still a'working hard at it... I dunno, something just seemed to click this week, in my drawings and attitude toward work... I just jumped headfirst into it all on sunday, and seven days later Im actually kinda pleased with the output... 

Three pages done fo my collaboration with me amigo Chris, nine pages on the story above, I fleshed out the plan for Nervous in a Cape Issue 7, scribbled two portraits of me favorite authors, and as ever continued with my daily drawn diary. Phew. 

A gosh darn productive week if I say so myself... maybe this whole "taking it seriously" thing's starting t' pay off... heh... All in all I'm on a wee high, though that might be on account o having just bought me tickets t' visit tho ol U.S.A in April! whoop!

Dylan Horrocks is a pretty awesome cartoonist, and the interviews I've heard him give on various podcasts seem t' affirm him as a pretty hip cat... he speaks eloquently and openly about comics etc, blah de blah... instead of listening t abe waffle, just go check out his serialized introspection on the writers introspection The Magic Pen 

Oh boy, Abe was so lucky to get t' see Mulata Astatke in November, for free no less...courtesy of everybody's favorite double bassist, and a lovely fellow indeed... Anyhow, for now Im'na leave you with "TEZETA"

peace out yo!

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